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She looked at him, angered and slightly bewildered.  "Horse shit...", she didn't want to look at the letter she told Amir.  Her hands seemed to grip the pages with an unresting torment—tearing it apart without a look.

Amir's complexion began looking pale, and at this point, a descent into hell seemed imminent for him.  He knew before leaving that he needed to be strong, and despite having grown tired of the exceedingly tragic circumstances, he decided to lock his fate towards his desire.  He often argued and insisted: God is Merciful. No matter what disturbed him—down to his core, he held onto his belief.

He itched in his head with a light finger, and didn't know how to smile while feeling the agony of his own evil burning through his bones.  He said, with hesitation: "I love you, that's the only reason I've come here again.  To find you.  I am lost, please I need you to read this.  Maybe you'll understand what's happening."  He recalled her life, and decided that he wouldn't allow her to feel the burden of what might come next. "I brought a second one—I don't know why.  I am terrified and on the brink of loosing my mind, but I knew I had to bring another"...

He approached her slightly, stepping closer to her  Taking a deep breath, the salty breeze of the ocean drowned his soul with a melody.  His heart however didn't have a moment's rest from the clamour of its rhythm:  "I am going to be strong, you're going to remember something."

He held back the torrent of emotions that weighed him down—he said with a solemn mind:  "You told me you'd help me when it was time." He stood slightly bent, knowing any more pressure would make him collapse.  Amir's eyes made no attempt to move at all, and though he started speaking again, he said: "my crime is having been in denial in the court of Love."

She noticed his troubled look, as though something horrible had struck him to the ground repeatedly.  She looked at him carefully now, and said with a calm voice that cut him with deepness:  "it's retribution."  She kept looking at him blankly, though a smile started cutting through her iron clad demeanour: "Ça va être vite fait".  Her orders echo'd like a dark heavy liquid at the edge of an abyss.

Not entirely certain where she heard those words, her curiosity pleaded her to have a look.  "Pass it here"—she said hesitantly while looking at his fingertips as they held the letter by its bend.  She decided to lean forward, grabbing it while his gaze slowly wandered to the floor, and at that moment opened it—reading it to herself.

Elizabeth, I don't know what happened—I just remember it as nighmares.  I started recollecting strange memories—at first, I thought maybe they were fictitious. I thought I somehow lost it entirely.  Then the oddest thing happened, and it all got twisted.  I am not sure how to begin this in a letter, but I had to write something down for you to read.  You forgot something on purpose for me, I need you to remember it.

I had this engraved before leaving you.  It should help you remember.  I place my trust in God, we'll find our place of peace.

The still silence
brings me back home to you.

I have something to tell you, but before we can start, you have to help me breathe.

You are my first memory—my shade in the heat of the scorching sun, but now I am consumed in a furnace.  I am loosing my mind, my entire being is in anguish.  I don't know how long I can hold onto these few moments of clarity, I need you to help me out of this.

She kept looking at the letter, her memories slowly resurfacing, and like the keen, arresting stare of a tigress, she looked up saying: "I am going to make you feel what you did.  Now that I've finally found you again, I can see a twisted dance in your eyes.  You're in trouble."

Amir's pulse began showing its tortured rhythm—its imminent restlessness crashing against his brain.  Though feeling lost, and frightened by what he thought he had seen, he pushed his thoughts aside, and tried looking at her—without the delirious noise in his head.  He wanted to see her through his darkness."

I want you to do right."  She didn't intend on hurting him, but knew he had come to understand something of importance from her.

"We'll go slowly..."  She smiled, careening him into the adornment of her countenance. "Feel better?" she laughed, followed by a gaze of distress.  He felt the difficult intensity of the moment—brushing the tips of his fingers against the edge of her temple until it met the soft nape of her neck."

Who do you trust?" she touched the lobe of his ear as though she was drawing it with tender curiosity.  "You told me marriage is trust" he said with some joy.  "Did you miss me?"  Her look made way to playful sigh."

"Kiss her" Amir kept hearing, like a fading echo.  She didn't take her eyes off him, directing all her senses like a thousand eyes. Feeling elated by her determination, Amir still had trouble stopping himself from trembling by what he didn't know to be a nightmare, a memory, or horse shit, as she had stated.  Taking a moment to move closer to her caress, his eyes lit up while everything around him started disappearing with the memory of dying in her welcoming arms.

"You're savage."  She whispered.

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